Catering and Corporate Services - The Milky Way
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Catering and Corporate Services

Coffee Cart Services

We provide mobile specialty coffee catering to all kinds of events, birthday parties, seminars, conferences, product launches or even a simple home gathering etc. We use specialty-graded coffee beans and its taste profile can be customised accordingly to your liking. Contact us with your event information and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours!

Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Looking for a fun-filled, team-bonding style of coffee appreciation workshop that is full of hands-on activities? Then you are on the right page, over here at The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee, we provide Coffee Appreciation Workshops for corporate and private entities catered to your needs.

Tell us more about yourself or the company and we will come out with a uniquely customised coffee appreciation workshop for you!

Ice Cream Catering

We look forward to serving healthier, tastier and more interesting flavours to you, therefore, our Ice Cream Catering Services provides over 20 unique flavours handcrafted from scratch with the highest quality ingredients available in the market.

Hit us up with your event details and we will advise you more on our Ice Cream Catering Services.

Event Space Rental

We are open for cafe/space rental by per day/hour basis. Be it a birthday party celebration or your own private event, we can cater up to 55pax seated comfortably in our venue.

We offer Ala Carte menu or even an Ice Cream Buffet in our rental packages.

Drop an enquiry below to schedule a meet-up with us!